Mechanical Air Service has a diverse range of customers within a variety of industries.


Clubs & Pubs


Education & University Facilities


Recreation & Gymnasiums


Government Buildings




Retail & Shopping Centres


Financial Institutions


Large Office Complexes

Customer satisfaction is essential to continued long-term success and achievement.


Simon de Munck
General Manager
Club Rivers

Mechanical Air Service is accountable for the design, implementation, procurement, training and performance of air conditioning services across each section, involving the strategic plans that achieve company objectives satisfying a critical portion of the companies overall operation.

Mechanical Air Service has demonstrated an ability to be attuned to the operational uniqueness of our constantly changing and evolving club culture; applying strong management skills; high customer service standards; completing multiple and diverse projects simultaneously; promoting and encouraging a cohesive team approach; communicating effectively across all levels of the business whilst maintaining high levels of accountability and ensuring that the needs of both the customers and the club are met.

I have at all times found that Mechanical Air Service carry out their duties professionally, in a timely manner and possess the ability to engineer and solve problems that crop up from time to time in an industry that is traditionally; at its busiest, outside normal office hours.

Raymond Cunico
Engineering Services Manager
Art Gallery of NSW

Mechanical Air Service present themselves in a most professional manner and is a company that has a very likeable disposition suited to working in all types of organisations. I have no hesitation in recommending Mechanical Air Service as an honest and loyal company of good character who will be an asset to any firm or organisation they are associated with.

Gerry Sarlemyn
Administration Manager
Club Managers’ Association Australia

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks heaps for the prompt service we received from Mechanical Air Service this morning. I arrived at work to find our theatre floor under an inch of water. Wasn’t sure if it was an air conditioning problem or plumbing. Turned out to be plumbing, but your guys were fantastic [as usual]. Even though it wasn’t an air con problem, they located and isolated the problem for us until the plumber arrived. As is the norm with your guys – helpful, friendly etc., etc. – great service.

P: [02] 8206 8880
F: [02] 9772 3680

OFFICE HOURS: 8am – 4.30pm

Unit 12, 94 Bryant Street
Padstow NSW Australia 2211

Contractors Licence: 179851C

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